Upcoming Events and News....

Spring 2007 - Fred Beckey Makes it to Alpinist

Randy's fireside profile shot of Fred Beckey has been published in Alpinist #19.

Tear Page to come.

Spring 2007 - Custom, Handmade Portfolios are now available

The portfolios consist of twenty five signed 8x12" prints (cut 11x14"), three hinged mattes for viewing them, white cotton viewing gloves, as well as a musical CD of the acoustic guitar work of Michael Allen to set the mood as you view your prints.

Each portfolio comes in a custom, hand-crafted clamshell box. Covered in suede and linen, this beautiful box is the perfect way to store and display your prints.

Images of the portfolio, prices and ordering details to follow soon.

Winter 2006 - Randy has published Full Circle: Confessions of a Serial Photographer

Full Circle: Confessions of a Serial Photographer is an 80 page coffee table book about Randy's journey as a climber, then a photographer to coming about, full circle, to combine the two. The book is packed with a bulk of photos and a narrative, written by Randy.

Images of the book, prices and ordering details to follow soon.

Fall 2007 - Art in the Park: Morro Bay, CA

In September of 2006, Randy's work will be showcased and sold at "Art in the Park". Art in the Park is a bi-annual event held in Moro Bay. Please, come spend a day at the beach and enjoy the art of many of California's premier artists. Make sure to sop by and say,"Hello".

Fall 2007 - Cowboys and Indians: A Changing Paradigm - Europe: 

Update: Bestowing upon him a GREAT honor, Ira has asked Randy to spearhead Cowboys and Indians: A Changing Paradigm. This will be Randy's first experience being charged with such duties. Exciting times! 

Ira H. Latour has selected Randy to participate in a fine art photography display entitled, "Cowboys and Indians: A Changing Paradigm". The display will launch in Prague, Czechoslovakia, with possible plans to show in Paris and London.

This is a very prestigious honor for Randy as Ira's work and accomplishments are world class. Long time friend to many "greats" in photography, such as Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Minor White, Dorthea Lange, Paul Strand and Imogen Cunningham to name a few, these contemporaries were Latour's associates, friends and mentors. Ansel Adams was present at Latour's first showing of his photographic work in Berkeley and Ira posed for Ansel to demonstrate his Zone System. Weston was a neighbor for years. Then there is the story Ira likes to tell of his turning down a loan, from Paul Strand, for a car. Ira Latour's career, including award winning film and photography, spans half a century. B&W Magazine recently referred to Ira as a "soul living in the past and present simultaneously" and a "leviathon of photographic experience".

A painter, Latour also pioneered a new genre, "Nose Art", the painting of names, slogans and designs on plane noses, of which we are all familiar.

To further investigate Ira's prestigious career please visit Ira's web site www.iralatour.com

Randy is currently adding to his selections for this project. Ira, who shoots primarily in black and white has been kind enough to offer Randy the levity of displaying color work, which are more descriptive and flattering of his work and accomplishments. Examples:

Dancing Squaw - Chukchansi Pow Wow 2005

Mother's Love - Chukchansi Pow Wow 2005