Artist's Statement and Profile

Art inspired by the Beauty of Nature

I have felt the strength of blizzards and witnessed the dying breaths of "protected” areas.  I live in awe of nature, yet share concerns about her fragility.  I am inspired by the remnants of ancient art found at various points of the world, thousands of years old, yet cognizant of the issues that caused their demise.  I seek peace in art and hope my viewers find serenity and inspiration from my images. Mine is a life of experience.  I am self-taught.  My goals are simple.  I aim to give my audience and myself a moment of quietude, a deep sense of tranquility, a place of haven. 

I respect traditional elements of soft focus, tonal imagery, and subjects of eternal satisfaction.  I also embrace the power of the computer to layer images and produce thought-provoking perspectives. I prefer to think of myself not as a photographer, but as a painter of Life's images.  As such, in my photographs, I aim for emotional connection and let the reality of the subject present itself. The camera allows me to focus with a continuously fresh perspective on the big picture of the world. Through images, I continue to share beauty, history and heritage. I would like my photography to confront human consciousness with the need to sustain, restore and preserve core planet life.

It is my sincere wish that you will find peace in the Beauty of Nature that I have the privilege of presenting to you.

About the photographer:  

Randy Wenzel grew up at the base of the Sierra Nevada, in the Central Valley of California. After an early initiation into the world of mountains, upon a trip to the summit of Mt.Whitney, at the age of 10, the mountains became his home, his place of solitude. He has ever since been an avid mountaineer, alpine ice and rock climber.

He has summited Mt. Whitney more than 20 times since, using various routes, during varying seasons.  He has climbed big walls in Yosemite , Grade V routes in Red Rock Canyon and traditional routes throughout the west.  From the freezing cold of alpine ice routes in the Sierras and Cascades, to days spent ascending the boulders and river canyon faces of the Owens Valley , in the heat of the desert.  It is a passion that drives him to push limits, experience and learn of the world.

His passion for the outdoors, through the contradictory feelings his adventures have brought; tranquility, elation and fragility – rage, fear and triumph, is where his ensuing love of photography began.  It is in these photographs that the emotion, struggles and triumphs are captured, to be remembered and relived.

It was through his desire to communicate his experiences, to try to share things seldom experienced by others, that he discovered his photographs have relevance more than simply to himself.  That people experience through photographs…  They step into them, rather than simply view them.  He learned that photographs were a medium through which he could communicate those experiences with others and share the world’s beauty.  More importantly, they offered a view into the experiences themselves, on a more personal level; as he lived and felt them.  They offered a view into his core. 

The thousand words that a photograph is worth can still never come close to the feelings they conjure.  Photographs are timeless, non-yielding paths to bring people together and help them to share in each others lives and experiences.  They don’t require words.  They don’t rely on a similar language.  They simply rely on your ability to let go, feel and live.  A photograph can bring the biggest smile to your face or a bounty of sorrow to your heart.  More than words ever can, photographs bring people together.

Because of the flexibility of the digital medium and concerns about pollution with traditional film processing and development, Randy has been shooting entirely digital since 2001.  He is in the process of converting his film photographs to digitally scanned files.  His archives contain thousands of images. 

In the arts, his interests include: photography, music compilation, poetry and written essays.