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October 2005 Ansel Adams Gallery Display - Yosemite NP:

Randy's work was displayed at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park, California. Procedes to benefit the Yosemite Climbing Association (YCA).  The Adam's Gallery, being the home, office and showcase of Ansel Adams for decades, is high on the list of any photographer as a location to have work displayed. It was quite an honor to have work displayed here, next to other greats such as Ansel himself and Galen Rowell. Being a climber himself, having the procedes of the event go to benefit the YCA made this event even more special for Randy. The YCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting Yosmite's rich climbing heritage and making it available for public viewing and interpretation. Procedes will help to open the future Yosemite Climbing Museum.

For more information, please visit the YCA's web site

Please, also visit the Ansel Adams Gallery web site

Bridalveil - An Intimate View, a limited edition triptych of three 8x10" photographs, shown below, is an example of the works featured at the gallery.

Bridalveil - An Intimate View - Yosemite Valley 2004

Huberbuam, a limited edition triptych of three 8x10" photographs, shown below, is another example of the works featured at the gallery.
Huberbuam - Fall 2005
In the Fall of 2005, Alex and Thomas Huber, of Bavaria, after having set the new speed record (the previous also belonging to them)for climbing El Capitan's Zodiac route, in 1h 51m 34s the previous year, started working on setting a new speed record for climbing The Nose, also on El Capitan. World class climbers, Alex and Thomas need no introduction to climbers throughout the world. Their revolutionary climbing ascents and speed records have been inspiration to many. Their work on The Nose is being filmed as a documentary entitled AM Limit by Austrian film company LotusFilm. The film is being directed by award winning director Pepe Danquart. Work on the film was halted when Alex sustained an ankle injury while climbing.
Huberbuam is from a series of photos at the end of a days work for Alex, Thomas and the film crew, as well as various times while doing the "El Cap Lieback" (laying in the meadow, sharing laughs, beers and good times while watching others climb on El Capitan). It was an honor to be able to participate in this event and to help friends Alex and Thomas in their quest for speed. I am honored to have them as friends.
For more information and to keep current with the world travles of Alex and Thomas Huber Please visit their web site at
Please visit LotusFilm's web site at

Spring 2006 - Miss California Pageant:

Randy's latest assignment was as an official shooter for the Miss California Pageant 2006. It was a huge honor to participate into such a large well-known, well put together event. It was truly inspiring to watch, and be a part of, all of the hard work and trials the pageant contestants went through.

Please visit the web site of the Miss California Pageant for details at

Miss California 2006 Dance Troupe

Miss California 2006 - Swimwear Competition
Miss California 2006 - Evening Gown Competition

One of the biggest attractions of the pageant, and by far the most fun to shoot, is the Talent Competition portion of the pageant. The Talent Competition includes vocal and musical performances, dance, comedy and many laughs, smiles and heartfelt sighs of happiness.

Miss California 2006 - Talent Competition #1

Miss California 2006 - Talent Competition #2
Miss California 2006 - Talent Competition #3

Miss California 2006 - Talent Competition #4

Spring 2007 - Fred Beckey Makes it to Alpinist

Randy's fireside profile shot of Fred Beckey has been published in Alpinist #19.

Tear Page to come.

Fall 2007 - Cowboys and Indians: A Changing Paradigm - Europe: 

Ira H. Latour has selected Randy to participate in a fine art photography display entitled, "Cowboys and Indians: A Changing Paradigm". The display will launch in Prague, Czechoslovakia, with possible plans to tour Europe; including Paris and London.

This is a very prestigious honor for Randy as Ira's work and accomplishments are world class. Long time friend to many "greats" in photography, such as Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Minor White, Dorthea Lange, Paul Strand and Imogen Cunningham to name a few, these contemporaries were Latour's associates, friends and mentors. Ansel Adams was present at Latour's first showing of his photographic work in Berkeley and Ira posed for Ansel to demonstrate his Zone System. Weston was a neighbor for years. Then there is the story Ira likes to tell of his turning down a loan, from Paul Strand, for a car. Ira Latour's career, including award winning film and photography, spans half a century. B&W Magazine recently referred to Ira as a "soul living in the past and present simultaneously" and a "leviathon of photographic experience".

A painter, Latour also pioneered a new genre, "Nose Art", the painting of names, slogans and designs on plane noses, of which we are all familiar.

To further investigate Ira's prestigious career please visit Ira's web site

Randy is currently adding to his selections for this project. Ira, who shoots primarily in black and white has been kind enough to offer Randy the levity of displaying color work, which are more descriptive and flattering of his work and accomplishments. Examples:

Dancing Squaw - Chukchansi Pow Wow 2005

Mother's Love - Chukchansi Pow Wow 2005